Squirrel Removal Service in Michigan

Professional live trapping squirrel control and repairs

Red Squirrels   (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus)

This small pine squirrel is easily identified by to its small size of 12-15 inches from nose to tail, making them slightly larger than a chipmunk.  Their size might make you think that they are a juvenile fox squirrel, but this is not the case.  Their color is a solid reddish brown with a whitish underbelly.   This species is the most prominent species that chews holes in roof eves to gain access to a comfortable attic or wall in Oakland County homes. Females raise 2 litters/year – each containing 2-8 young. March-May and August-October.

Fox Squirrel (Sciurus niger)

A large tree squirrel that is commonly observed in yards or traveling electric lines.  They range from 18-27 inches from head to tail, and are the largest squirrel species to be found in your Michigan neighborhood.  Their color can vary, but they are generally a grey/brown with a orange underside. Females raise 2 litters/year – each containing 1-5 young. February-March and June-August.


Gray Squirrel (Scierus carolinensis)

This large tree squirrel measuring 16-20 inches is slightly smaller than their larger counterpart – the Fox Squirrel.  Color varies but they are generally grey and may have a reddish cast to their coat.  They are less common in Oakland County neighborhoods than the red or fox squirrels. Females raise 2 litters/year – each containing 1-5 young. February-March and June-August.

Flying Squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus)

The flying squirrel is not common in Michigan neighborhoods – and they are rarely seen due to their nocturnal habits.  This species can be identified by its flattened tail and the excess web of skin that is between its front and rear legs.  These squirrels can occupy bird houses – especially blue bird houses. Females raise 2 litters/year – each containing 3-8 young. March-April.

Squirrels can cause exstensive damage to homes and business attic spaces, soffits and roofs. Nesting in the insulation of attics can make a very large destructive mess, not to mention possible electrical wiring that they may chew on and destroy; putting your home in danger of a fire hazard. Drivin Me Batty LLC has the knowledge and expertise to rid your home of squirrel infestation.

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