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Professional Bat Removal and repair services during the Spring season

Spring Bat Exclusion Services in Michigan

As the end of winter approaches and temperatures begin to rise melting the snow and ice from roof tops bats will begin to come out of their hibernation cycle looking to feed and replenish their body fat. Bats use attic spaces and wall cavities for their hibernaculum (areas to hibernate in winter) many people can hear mild scratching or squeaking during winter months and sometimes even get a bat in the living quarters!! but the exclusion process unfortunately cannot always be done in the cold temperatures and snowy weather. This makes Spring the first chance to get bat control services done to remove the roosting bat colonies from your attic space or wall cavities.

We use a bat exclusion system that filters bats out from the attic space or walls of any structure whether its a home, office building, or business. Our one-way bat exclusion doors provides an exit for all bats but does not allow any access for them to return. It is impossible to retrieve all bats by hand since they typically will drop down the wall cavities and burrow under the insulation of your home to find shelter and warmth. An exclusion door system is the only true way to remove the entire colony of bats and to guarantee they can not return. All other possible entry points must be repaired and sealed to ensure they will not come back the following season, bats are very territorial and if all access points are not closed off it is more than likely the colony will come back.

Killing bats you find in your house does not solve the bat problem and the fact that bats are a protected animal both state and federal means you need a safe and humane method for live bat exclusion and relocation. True bat exclusion involves locating and sealing the actual access points that the bats are using to enter the attic space. The remaining bats and future bats will still find their way into your attic or similar roosting space until you locate and seal all access points since bats are extremely territorial creatures. Bats are NOT rodents and therefore will NOT chew their way into your house if you close off the openings however if nothing is done to exclude the bats they will never leave on their own.

Complete bat removal is a multi part process which includes:

Initial Inspection

Call and set up an appointment for one of our skilled technicians to come evaluate your home, office, or business. A full inspection is provided with attic access and total exterior bat inspection to locate all entry points and areas in need of repair.

Bat Exclusion

The core of the bat removal process is to repair the open access points where bats are entering attics of homes and set up a live bat exclusion system consisting of one-way doors installed in the high bat traffic areas to filter out the bat colony in attic spaces.


To guarantee the bat removal process was successful a re-inspection is done 30 days after the initial bat exclusion to ensure satisfaction with the removal of bats from attic space and to remove exclusion door system and complete sealing of home.

Attic Restoration

This last step is for more severe bat infestations when the home owner has extensive damage to their homes attic space. Bat feces (guano) causes structural dangers and also health risks with the growth of mold and fungus which can be hazardous to residents. Complete attic restoration and spot cleaning are available to remove, disinfect, and mold treat contaminated areas from bat roost.