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We performed a live bat removal in Flushing Michigan today when a customer called after seeing a bat flying throughout their home. Bats seen in the living quarters of a house is a common sign of a bat colony infestation within the attic space. After removing the bat we performed an inspection of the attic and exterior roof line of the house to determine the repairs needed to prevent the bats from coming back.


live bat removed


We use a live bat exclusion system that filters bats out from the attic space or walls of any structure whether its a home, office building, or business. Our one-way door filtration system provides an exit for all bats but does not allow any access for them to return. It is impossible to retrieve all bats by hand since they typically will drop down the wall cavities of your home to find shelter and warmth. A bat colony exclusion door system is the only true way to remove the entire colony of bats, and complete sealing of the entire perimeter of the structure is the only way to guarantee they can not return. All other possible entry points must be repaired and sealed to ensure they will not come back the following season, bats are very territorial and if all access points are not closed off it is more than likely the colony will come back.