Trapping and removing feral cats


What is a feral cat and how are feral cats different from stray cats?


Every year, thousands of feral cats, whose natural habitat is outdoors, away from people, are born throughout Michigan.

Feral cats are either lost or abandoned cats who reverted to an undomesticated state, or they were born in the wild and raised without human contact. Because feral cats generally are not able to be socialized and placed into adoptive homes (there are exceptions, but this can take a commitment of months or years), the most humane option is to ensure that they can live out their lives outdoors while not breeding more homeless cats. Generally, humans are unable to touch or handle a feral cat because they are so wild.  Stray cats can be very friendly and sociable.  Both feral and stray cats can reproduce at high rates, quickly turning a couple of cats into a large colony.  Collectively, feral and stray cats are referred to as “free roaming” cats.

Feral cats live in groups called colonies and can be found anywhere there is food and shelter. TNR programs improve the lives of these animals and the people who live near them.Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) has proven to be the most effective and humane approach to managing feral cats, providing a healthier, more controlled feral cat colony.

We use safe humane live traps to catch feral cats with out harm and relocate them once they have been through the TNR program to keep colony numbers down. the wild feral cats are caught from the area from which they have become a nuisance and are taken to a designated TNR location were the cats are neutered and can then be safely released into the wild at a new relocation area.

Feral cats are a common problem in rural areas especially when residence begin to feed the animals. leaving food out for feral cats will attract the cats to the feeding area and can create a problem with the feral cats returning even once the food has been removed. it is not recommended to begin feeding feral cats especially close to your home since the feral colonies can become aggressive for food and to domestic animals.