Installing chimney caps for wildlife prevention

chimney cap installation for wildlife pest control

Chimney caps are an important addition to your chimney stack or furnace exhaust. There are many different types of chimney caps to choose from when it comes to picking the style best suited for your home or building. Caps come in stainless steel and galvanized metal in general common sizes ranging from 9″x9″, 9″x12″, and 12″x12″ these caps are the most widely used but custom caps in a variety of sizes and styles can be ordered to your specification.

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Not only are chimney caps the best way to keep wild animals from dropping down into your fireplace or chimney but they keep out debris and damaging moisture. Branches and leaves can get into a uncapped chimney and restrict the flow of exhaust gasses. Rain and snow also can accumulate in an uncapped chimney which can rust the flue damper making it difficult to open or shut, a rusted fireplace damper could get stuck open and give access for a wild animal to get directly into your home. Water that gets into a chimney stack can also erode the mortar over time, which can weaken the structural integrity of your chimney leading to expensive masonry work. With uncapped furnace exhaust water and moisture could damage the duct work of your furnace or possibly damage the furnace unit itself.

Birds, squirrels, raccoons, or bats can easily enter an uncapped chimney. Animals and their nesting can carry diseases and can be destructive if they get into your living area. When it starts to get cold, the warmth from a chimney is an attractive place for animals to build a nest, as well as spring time when wildlife pests are looking for a safe place to hide their young. Animal nests can block the flow of exhaust gasses through a chimney which could cause smoke in the house, carbon monoxide in the house, or it could cause your heating system to shut off. Most animals that get into a chimney can’t get out and could end up dying leaving a decaying carcass that smells and attracts insects.

If your hearing loud screeching noises through your home coming from the fireplace. This is most likely chimney swifts, a type of black bird that lives in Michigan. Most chimney swifts make their nest in the middle of the chimney making it impossible to get to without damaging the nest and killing the birds. We typically wait for the young to be raised and leave on their own then we return to the home to clean out the chimney and cap it. If the birds are adults and still live in your chimney we can install a one-way door on your Chimney stack to get rid of them. Once the birds have left we can install the chimney cap to keep them from returning.

We provide chimney cap installation for most of southern Michigan for a full list of cities we provide services for visit our Service Area page.

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