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Looking for Bat Removal Service in the Winter?

Winter Bat Removal Services in Michigan

Michigan bats in the winter typically hibernate inside of structures or hollowed out trees for protection and shelter. The most common area for bats to roost during the cold months are attic spaces and dropping down wall cavities of homes and businesses. Although they stay dormant during the winter bats will move throughout the attic and walls to find warmth. Scratching and crawling can be heard from this movement and helps to indicate a possible bat colony in the walls.

It is very common for bats to make their way into the living quarters of homes, offices, or businesses during the winter months. Bats in the house typically means that a bat colony has made its way into the attic space or walls of a house and are hibernating for the winter. It is possible for a single bat to get into homes without a colony actually roosting in the attic space but more often than not once you see a bat flying in a house or business it is more likely that a bat colony has found entry points and has made a roosting area.

Bats in the basement are also very common since bats drop down wall cavities to find shelter and heat. Unfinished basements are easily accessible for bats and small animals. As bats follow the duct work during the winter months to stay warm it is common that they follow all the way to the furnace area.

Performing bat exclusion in the winter

Bat colony exclusion can be performed in the winter months to remove hibernating bats from the attic or wall cavities of the structure. Our bat exclusion system is set up to filter roosting bats out of residential and commercial properties, however the one way doors are not removed until spring to ensure the colony is not trapped in the structure after all the repairs are done to prevent any return of bats.

With the temperatures being so low in the winter bat activity is very low.