Bat Extermination From Attics

Bat extermination is an old concept and term, today bats are protected animals because of their beneficial role in our environment and also the declining number of active bat colonies through out not only the U.S. but around the world. If you find that a roosting bat colony is living in your attic space, killing the bats is NOT an option. There are no pesticides or rodenticides that are legal to use to get rid of a roosting attic bat colony and if you come in contact with a wildlife control professional that tries to tell you this is the method that is used make sure you report them to the DNR and state authorities!

Bat exclusion with live humane removal of the bats is the only way to deal with these important flying mammals. Although it can be a difficult and tedious task getting rid of bats from your attic space with out harming the colony is a job that can be completely successful as long as proper bat control techniques and methods are used for the relocation of the bats.