Bat Exclusion

Bat colony infestation is very common in Michigan attics with the big brown bat and small brown bat species that habitat the southern portion of Michigan. With the increase of residential housing and development of more rural areas bats lose their natural roosting habitats like hollow trees, old barns, or possible caves and are now forced to find a new place to live and attics are the perfect protected spot. Getting rid of bats can be difficult on your own and hiring a professional wildlife control company is your best choice when looking for successful bat exclusion services. Drivin’ Me Batty wildlife control is Michigan’s bat exclusion experts specializing in the relocation of bat colonies and the damage repair from their roost.

Professional Wildlife Control For Bat Colony Removal and Attic Repair


Bat proofing involves the use of a bat exclusion system that filters bats out from the attic space or walls of the structure before repair of the exterior can be performed to assure the prevention of returning bat colonies roosting in the attic. Our one-way bat control exclusion doors provide an exit for all bats but does not allow any access for them to return. It is impossible to retrieve all bats by hand since they typically will drop down the wall cavities of your home to find shelter and warmth. A professional bat control plan is the only true way to remove the entire colony of bats and to guarantee they can not return. Bats are very territorial and if all access points are not repaired and closed off properly it is likely the colony will return to roost in the attic once again.

If you are looking for a bat exterminator for the state of Michigan we recommend you look for a nuisance wildlife control company not just your average general pest control company. Bat Extermination is an old term used to get rid of bats, it is illegal for a wildlife control company to kill bats, they are a protected animal. Bat removal experts are not your average pest control specialists most pest control companies that deal with insects do not have the expertise to correctly relocate the attic bat colony. Bat removal companies are wildlife control operators who specialize in the field of bat control and prevention with specialized training and methods used to safely remove the colony. There are no poisons offered to treat an infestation of bats and products such as bat traps, electronic devices, or bat repellents are not permanent solutions for your bat problem.

Complete process for bat control exclusion removal

Initial Inspection: Call and set up an appointment for one of our skilled technicians to come perform an inspection to evaluate your home, office, or business bat problem. A full inspection is provided with attic access and total exterior inspection to locate all bat entry points and areas in need of repair.

Bat Exclusion: The core of the bat removal process is to repair the open access points where bats are entering the attic and set up a live bat control system consisting of one-way exclusion doors installed in the high bat traffic areas to filter out the bat colony from the walls and attic space.

Re-inspection: To guarantee the bat colony relocation process was successful a re-inspection is done 30 days after the initial bat exclusion to ensure satisfaction with the removal of bats from the structure and to remove exclusion door system to complete repairs and sealing of home.

Attic RestorationThis last step is for more severe bat infestations when the home or business owner has extensive damage to their attic space from bat colony roost. Bat feces (guano) causes structural dangers and also health risks with the growth of mold and fungus which can be hazardous to residents with the chance of contracting Histoplasmosis. Complete attic restoration and spot cleaning are available to remove bat droppings, disinfect, enzyme and mold treat contaminated areas from bat waste. Full insulation removal, repair and installation for total attic restoration with insurance claim work.

For questions or further information on the bat exclusion process and all of our bat removal services contact us today by phone or get a free online quote.

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