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Owner and Operator Garret Evans created “My Bat Removal” to provide services with the trapping, removal, and repair of damages from nuisance animal invasion. His technicians use the safest most humane methods to remove pests from your home, business, or office keeping you and the animals protected from harm.

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Specializing in the live exclusion of bats, My Bat Removal has the knowledge and experience to get rid of the problem once and for all! All of our Bat exclusions come with a warranty to ensure our work and your satisfaction. With most scratching and noises heard throughout the night bats are typically the most common culprit and many people mistake this activity for mice. Our technicians will commit to a thorough inspection of the attic space and exterior roof line and walls to ensure the correct diagnosis is given and a exact estimate is written out for our services during the initial inspection. Don’t hesitate call for an appointment schedule and let us get the problem solved.